If student do any bad work like quarrel, stealing etc. Then according to there bad behave the principle can punish them.
Like of:-
(1) Economical punishment .
(2) Suspension.
(3) Expulsion.
(4) Restriction.
Above punishment will be given serial according to crime. Evicted student of college cannot take a admission in any college or university in period of eviction. Seeing the nature of crime the principle can punish . Following are given the type of punishment-
(1) Rs 200 or morethan Rs 200.
(2) Suspension for more than 6 weeks.
(3) Expelsion for any period.
(4)Restriction has been given in that year besides them it can be 2 years more.
For doing the wrong behave with student or teacher ,or for pandering the student would be punished.

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